About Us


Our department which has granted 53 scientific doctorates to this day, serves with 10 academic members, 1 specialist, 5 research assistants and 11 doctorate students and provides patient services as an important social service. as well as educational activities before and after graduation. Since the year 2000 our department has been organizing Turkish Endodonty Foundation’s monthly Ankara scientific meetings.

With our young and dynamic staff we are looking into the future in hope with our contributions to our country’s dentistry and we would like to thank everyone who has helped from academic staff to personnel.


Endodonty is a dentistry field which studies the Biology of Pulpa and periradicular tissues, its illnesses and their etiologies, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.

Since 17.02.1999 Prof. Dr. Tayfun ALACAM has been the Head of Department.

Our department which was founded in 1968 was headed by, Prof. Dr. Aytekin Bilge, Prof. Dr. Yuksel Noras, Prof. Dr. Tamer Kinoglu, Prof. Dr. Emin Turkoz and Prof. Dr. Tayfun Alacam respectively. Previously named as “Dental Illnesses and Treatments” was renamed as “Department of Endodonty” in 2011 when endodonty and restorative treatment were accepted to be as two different specialties.

With its academic staff number increasing gradually, with its developed physical capacity and technical equipment, our department successfully practices treatment, education, research, patient education, and prophylaxis.